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The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) works for the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction and the prevention of armed conflict. We promote peace through research, advocacy, peace education and partnerships. Please use our many resources on nuclear weapons, power and waste, peace and conflicts.

Our professional not-for-profit organisation has branches across Australia, and works globally through the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Please consider joining us, or supporting our work with a donation.

Syria: MAPW writes to PM

MAPW has written to the Prime Minister on 22 June to express concern at the terrible bloodshed and suffering that is occurring in Syria, with evidence of the humanitarian effects, and a series of recommendations.

While noting that there is no single easy way forward to end this war, MAPW urges the Australian government to do all that is possible to at least ensure maximal aid and protection for its victims and maximal prospects of ending the fighting.  In particular we urge the PM to use Australia’s position on the UN Security Council to:

  • Express Australia’s grave concern at the increasing militarisation of the conflict;
  • Call for a cessation of arms supplies by all parties, including our allies;
  • Ensure expert access to investigate reports of the use of chemical weapons;
  • Promote attention and all possible assistance to those Syrians who are struggling to find a peaceful way forward amid an overwhelming focus on violence;
  • Hasten negotiations between all parties, as the only step that can put an end to the human catastrophe that is unfolding.

 Read the full letter


The similarities between drugs and asylum seekers:

Desmond Manderson draws parallels between the war on drugs and treatment of refugees

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