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Tasmanian Death Notices July 1, 2014 to

Saturday September 27, 2014
Bennett, Leslie John Charles
Bennett, Valma Natalie
Bowling, Jean Lynette
Britten, William Cyril
Britten, William Cyril
Burns, Kerry Francis
Butler, Robert John
Bygrave, David Lawrence
Carnevale, Ugo
Coleman, Ruth Caroline
Coleman, Ruth Caroline
Coleman, Ruth Coleman
Coward, Brenda Pearl
Coward, Brenda Pearl
Coward, Brenda Pearl
Cowmeadow, Leslie John
Crouch, Betty Lilian
Crouch, Betty Lilian
Dempsey, Thomas Michael
Dempsey, Thomas Michael
Dovner, Dorothea
Dow, Fay
Driscoll, Eric Edgar Albert
Farrington, Geoffrey George
Farrow, Ina Kathleen
Gibson, Fay Aileen
Glover, Graham Bernard
Golding, Joan Margaret Mary
Gray, Phillip Anthony
Gray, Phillip Anthony
Griggs, Nanice
Grubb, Edward John
Hay, Ruby Clorris
Headley, Roy Ian Stanley
Henderson, Ian Stanley
Hodge, Ernest Vincent
Holzberger, Julie
Howlett, Trevor Edward
Isaac, Barrie Edwin
Kennedy, Pauline Mary
Laugher, Betty Fulton
Louden, David
Matson, Barry
Maynard, Lewis Maxwell
Maynard, Lewis Maxwell
Meleti, Voula
Park, Rita Pauline Josephine
Pearn, Verdun Edward
Quarrell, Coral Vera
Read William Charles
Read, William Charles
Richardson, Kenneth Charles
Slater, Mervyn John Lancelot
Slater, Roy
Smith, Lillias Bessie
Stoney, Thomas Henry
Thurley, Graham Douglas
Thurley,, Graham Douglas
Thurley,, Graham Douglas
Todd, Beryl Kathleen
Tremonti, Maria
van de Griendt, Edward Jan Clement
Voss, James Reginald
Voss, James Reginald
Voss, James Reginald
Watson, William David
Watson, William David
Saturday September 20, 2014
Atkins, Wayne Philip
Ball, Jeremy
Ball, Jeremy
Ball, Jeremy
Bennett, Keith Hopetoun
Bester, Shirley
Boddam, Mary Cameron
Bone, Maisie
Brock, Ann
Cartledge, Carlene Chloe
Challenger, Joan Waverley
Coward, Brenda Pearl
Coward, Brenda Pearl
Coward, Brenda Pearl
de Bomford, Francis Edward
Di Martino, Maria
Di Martino, Maria
Di Martino, Maria
Di Martino, Maria
Dovner, Dorothea
Dovner, Dorothea
Exner, Gunter Alfred
Frost, Iris Isabel
Gill, Mick
Grech, George
Grech, George
Hawkes, Mary Catherine
Hawson, Isabel Margaret
Henty, Jean Marion
Higgs, Freda May
James, Lesley Joan
James, Leslie Joan
Jamieson, Wayne Peter
Kilby, Margaret Mary
Leary, Ann
Lennard, Millie Mary
Lennard, Millie Mary
Lockley, Helen
McDonald, Peggie Marcia
McFadyen, James Tasman
Mudge, Leigh Arthur
Neall, Peter
Neall, Peter
Oakley, Leonard Davis
Oakley, Leonard Davis
Oakley, Leonard Davis
Papageorgiou, Efthimios
Parker, Ian Albert
Parkinson, Douglas Watson
Quick, David Andrew
Redpath, Sheila
Robinson, Maxwell John
Roby, Richard
Salisbury, (Mavis) Jean
Scanlon, Kevin Michael
Scanlon, Kevin Michael
Scott, Douglas Ian
Sindorff, Harry
Stanfield, Barry William
Stanfield, Barry William
Stowe, Peter Leonard
Stubbs, Suzanne
Sutton, Margaret
Tallentire, Marie Gloria
Tallentire, Marie Gloria
Tulk, Maureen Margaret
Tulk, Maureen Margaret
Warner, H. Rex
Williams Shane Wadik
Williams Shane Wadik
Williams, Eryl
Williams, Ronald Francis
Williams, Shane Wadik
Woolley, Gillian Anne
Woolley, Jillian Anne
Woolley, Jillian Anne
Saturday September 13, 2014
Aiken, Jack Playfair
Barker, Jack Darcey
Becker, Annemarie
Best Ellen Kathleen
Best, Ellen Kathleen
Bielawski, Stan
Blacker-Quin IV, Stewart
Bloxham, Edward Albert
Bowden, Elizabeth Adelaide
Brooker, Colin Geoffrey
Bull, Althea Margaret
Cameron, Doris
Carhart-Young, Nancy Doreen
Close, Maureen Isabel
Cowen, Marlene Dianne
De Soza, Fay
Di Benedetto, Patricia Ann
Doody, Terence John
Field, Tony Andrew
Floyed, Elvie May
Fuller, Rhea Janine
Gaffney, Donald James
Giannaros, Maria
Giblin, David Raymond
Goodwin, Ronald James
Gray, Rodney James
Greenway, Constance Ray
Hall, Betty
Hall, Bruce
Hanson, Lois Madeline
Harris, Kenneth George
Helm, Cyril Alexander
Holland, Alan John
Jordan, John Vernon
Keeling, John Edward
Kennedy, Lorna Doone
Kopplemann, John Charles
Kupetsky, Nick
Laduzko, Konstantin
Lapham, Myra Jane
Lawless, Rosaline Faye
Lynch, Kyle
Macqueen, Shirley Florence
Maley, Catherine Dawn
Marriner, Stephen George
McCarthy, Edward William
McPherson, Malcolm
Milligan, Sam
Moore, Doone Louise
Nicol, Frank
Percey, Darrell Eric
Robinson, Peter Eric
Round, Fay Kathleen
Sharp, Brian Frederick
Smith, Anthony James
Street, Gloria Mae
Stringer, Keith
Stubbings, Pauline Gladys
Tubb, Allan Charles
Tyres, Pamela Olive
Weir, Mary
Saturday September 6, 2014
House, Elsie Dora
Kunda, Bernard
Leslie, Helen Norma
Lobdale, Vera Angela
Marsh, Peggy Irene
O'Reilly, Ian Phillip
Voorpostel, Rensina
Whelan, Neville Geoffrey
Willing, Eunice
Wilson, Pauline Mary
Worbey, Colin Raymond
Friday September 5, 2014
Booth, Janet Vera Joyce (Obituaries)
Brown, Iain Stanley (Obituaries)
Chester, Mavis (Obituaries)
Gadd, Raymond John (Obituaries)
Marriott, John Gordon (Obituaries)
Willing, Eunice (Obituaries)
Zaffino, Dixie (Obituaries)
Thursday September 4, 2014
Browning, George Murrell
Fazackerley, Wayne Peter
Gadd, Raymond John
Grace, Margaret Mary
Huntley, Sheila May
Kenworthy, Graeme Leonard
Mason, John
McKibben, Eric Malcolm
Mullins, Wendy Ann
O'Reilly, Ian Philip
Smith, Doris Gwendoline
Zaffino, Dixie
Wednesday September 3, 2014
Campbell, Stuart Robert
Carpenter, Philip Alwyn
Facchin, Felicetta
Farrell Ernest John
Farrell, Ernest John
Knox, Anne
Rogerson, John Joseph
Scrimshaw, Jean Frances
Skeggs, Fay
Targett, Elsie Myra
Whayman, Patricia
Tuesday September 2, 2014
Britton, Donald
Hill, Terrence John
Hollick, Lynne Maree
Horton, Alan John
Mullins, Wendy
Newton, Michael Alec
Rossi, Giorgio
Smith, Gloria Betty Dawn
Tindall, Mary
Monday September 1, 2014
Barwick, Barbara Ann
Callaghan, Anne Catherine
Cole, Marion
Farmer, John
Gearman Annette
Iles, Patrick Jerome
Kitchin, Brian Ashton
McConnon, Marjorie Joyce
Peck, Ray
Spencer, Lance George
Statham, Carmel Mary
Saturday August 30, 2014
Badenach, Margaret Ann
Bennett, Joan Betty
Childs, Raymond Douglas
Cleaver, Taliena Beryl June
Coombe, Anne Barbara
Davy, Raymond Eric
French, Mary Patrice
Murray, Thelma June
Noon, Jack
Robinson, Grace Mary
Woulleman, Shirley Joyce
Friday August 29, 2014
Brain, Janice Lorraine
Chapman, Nancy
Clark, Leonard John
Deegan, Patricia Ann
Fagg, Roger
Geard, Edeline Bertha
Gearman, Annette
Mayne, Kaye
Summers, Elaine Meg
Walch, Elizabeth Mary
Thursday August 28, 2014
Bernardo-Shaw, Maria Socorro
Cooke, Charles
Datta, Amit
Geason, Graeme John
Lynch, Brian Tasman
Norris, Leonard James
Szemes, Steven
Tennant, Maureen Joy
Watkins, Albert James
Wednesday August 27, 2014
Bach, Emil
Braslin, Margaret
Fergusson, Maisie Pearl
Kelly, Leo Albert
Livingston, Lucy Marie
Rekawiecki, Bronislawa
Ruscoe, George
Sharman, Mary Cecilia
Tuesday August 26, 2014
Dixon, Victor James
Fahey, Gail Patricia
Garrett, Meredith
Holtzclaw, Margaret Anne
Karmouche, David Leonard
Laugher. William Alexander
Massie, Gladys Morwenna
Mitchell, David Fergusson
Mulcahy, Joan Irene
Roberts, Marion June
Sandford, Marjorie
Smith, Douglas Jack
Tokowenko, Veronica
White, Shirley Margaret
Monday August 25, 2014
Chisholm, Jean Kathleen
Hayes, Annette Margaret
Hutchinson, Thelma Margaret
Kruse, Barbara
Laugher, William Alexander
Matcham, Leslie Warwick
Vandewater, Dorothy Ann Theresa
Saturday August 23, 2014
Atkinson, Betty May
Briggs, Barbara Jean
Bugg, Harold Bernard
Burns, Raymond Kenneth John
Coleman, Martin
Cooper, Robert George
Howard, Merilyn Joy
Jackson, Ryder Wayne
van Engen, Beverley
Friday August 22, 2014
Doe, Elizabeth
Llewellyn, Mervyn
Morgan, Donald Osborne
Van Engen, Beverley
Thursday August 21, 2014
Abrahams, Beryl Patricia
Beach, Jean Cunningham
Clements, Mary Jean
Daniels, Ada Mary
Jones, David Lyndon
Kerr, Anthony
Mapperson, Barry Norman
Percy, Vicki Mavis
Pitchford, Dorothy
Rees, Roland James
Wednesday August 20, 2014
Adderton, Ruhamah Iris Grace
Brook, Colin David Denis
Dransfield, Brian
Eyles, Pauline Lorna
Foot, Kevin William
Janisch, Wolfgang
Juvan, Kathleen Dorothy
Knaap, Nicolaas Joseph
Lane, Andrew Brian
Morse, Wayne
Smith, Edward George
Sykes, Margaret Jean
Tuesday August 19, 2014
Allen, James William
Bratt, Joan Ella
Breaden, Mary Eileen
Collis, Lawrence Michael
Fraser, Trevor
Gazzignato, Giovanni
Hawkins, Margaret
Lyall, Alfred Henry
Murray, Patrick Raymond
Nelson, Evelyn Auriel
Parker, Claude Jeffrey
Sitar, Milan
Swallow, Stephen K
Whenn, William James
Monday August 18, 2014
Arnold, David Joseph
Boxall, Judith Dawn
Burr, James Cantley
Eberhardt, Jean
Geeves, Carlene Patricia
McNamara, Peggy Jean
Mikulski, Dorothy Rose
Oakford, Yvonne
Xiberras, Doreen Rose
Saturday August 16, 2014
Boast, Richard Ian
Briggs, Christopher James
Gittus, Kenneth Robert
Ikin, Daryl Booth
Jones, Barbara Elaine
Marsden, John Manvers
Matley, Robert
Parr, Joyce Lillian
Pettit, Barbara Joan
Rumney, Annette
Scott, Donald William
Veal, Graeme Alfred
White, Ethel Isobel
Friday August 15, 2014
Blacklow, Maxwell Raymond
Harding, Albert
Malcolm, Robert
Yardley, Kathleen Phyllis
Thursday August 14, 2014
Barnes, Maxwell Geoffrey
Brazendale, Joan Marlene
Clifford, Margaret Rose
Clisdell, Maree Helen Anne
Coleman, Dudley Oriel
Green, Leona Margaret
Rawson, Neil Risby
Reeves, Graeme Maxwell
Williams, Joy Lorraine
Wednesday August 13, 2014
Brinkhoff, Jacques Antonius
Gaylor-Smeeks, Rachel Anne
Hall, Gwendoline Christina
Hoskinson, Graeme Roy
Murray, Margaret
Rimon, Betty Winifred
Taplin, Patricia Eileen
Tuesday August 12, 2014
Barker, Beris Irene
De Soza, Margaret Jean
Eaves, Peg and Peter
Emmett, Desmond Leslie
Gaylor-Smeekes, Rachel Anne
Maddox, Margaret Terese
Moles, Karla Elizabeth
Priest, Graeme Douglas
Rae, Brett Russell
Robers, Barry John
Saunders, Phyllis Lilian
Spencer, Olga Mae
Monday August 11, 2014
Catherall, Raymond Henry
Herbert, Anthony Donald
Howard, June Yvonne
Irving, Margaret Mabel
Moles Karla Elizabeth
Reason, John Joseph
Rogers, Barry John
Sculthorpe, Peter Joshua
Shirley-Williams, Rona Lucy
Smallwood, Jeffrey Everard
Valius, Pauline Alice
Williams, Rona Lucy
Williams-Shirley, Rona Lucy
Saturday August 9, 2014
Brown, Enid Eileen
Farrell, Jacqueline Patricia
Gibson, Eve
Goss, Thomas George
Hamilton, Kenneth
Johnson, Doreen Hydra
Lee, John Appleby Richard
Lingbeek, Annie Gerarda
Moore, Robert George
Rolph, Ron
Suter, Stanley Keith
Winzenberg, Ronald Albert
Friday August 8, 2014
Bezzant, Leo Doyle
Hutt, Tanya Joy
Kennedy, June Emaline
Malcolm, William Robert
Watson, Clem
Thursday August 7, 2014
Forsyth, Edward
Gooding, Betty
Hibberd, Lola Frances
McKay, Monica Valerie
Russell, Dorothy Joan
Wednesday August 6, 2014
Ball, Albert Clyde
Briant, Monica Fay
Charlton, Carmen Spria
Fenton, Wallace James
Filtness, Paul
Hudspeth, Audrey Kathleen Kirkbride
James, Valerie Ruth
Lehner, Athol Clement
Newman, Molly Elizabeth
Quigley, Samuel
Small, Aaron Troy
Tuesday August 5, 2014
Byard, Iris Edith
Childs, Daphne Jean
Davis, Zoe
Garland, Flynn Edward
Green, Heidi Elizabeth
Hills, Cohen John
Ilgen, Erwin
Kaye, Paul Ronald
Lahiff, Monica Mary
Ogilvie, Harold Charles
Phipps, Peter John
Monday August 4, 2014
Barry, Roma
Caldwell, Valma
Cordwell, Elsie Merle
Foulkes, Marie Ann
McCall, John Carlyle
Molan, Jean Ruth
Orr, Cameron James
Walters, Joan Florence
Wilson, Allan John
Saturday August 2, 2014
Cooper, James Charles
Denne, Peter Noel
Donovan, John Karl
Hingston, John William
Howard, Angus Desmond
Howe, Elaine Margaret
Inches, Ken David
Markellos, Bronwyn
Oakley, Gene Orland
Pene, Harry Taiaroa
Purvis, Barrie Donald
Smith, Charles Frederick
Spaulding, Frances Olive
Friday August 1, 2014
Bentley, Norman
Booth, Patrick
Dowell-Hentall, Peta Anne
Keenan, Kathleen
Mackay, Noel Helen
McNaney, Terence Frank
Wilson, James Clarence
Thursday July 31, 2014
Alexander, Peter Leslie
Bird, Georgia Maya
Bright, Kathleen
Butler, Lance Leslie
Clark, Leslie Norman
Colville, Margaret Jean
Eastley, Dorothy Hazel
Eggins, Lionel William.
Foster, Anthony
Gray, Lynette Kay
Green, Judith Ann
Gunn, Mary Joan
Hay, Honora
Hepburn, Rosalene Margaret
Johnston, Lillias Doreen
Lipscombe, Bruce Howe
O'Shea, Daniel Maurice George
Oliver, Joan
Roberts-Thomson, Helen Ruth
Smith, Adrian Dennis
Smith, Robert Edward
Stacey, Susan
Williams, Stephen Charles
Tuesday July 29, 2014
Brown, Jean Frances
Cashion, Byron
Clark, Una Lillian
Direen, Noel Desmond
Eggins, Lionel William
Freeman, Graham
Glover, Lynette Carol
Iles, Cherie Holly
Radzevicius, Geneveue Lucia.
Seabrook, Mervyn Roy
Tulip, Alan
Monday July 28, 2014
Cheeseman, Kathleen Mary
Clark, Craig
Gore, Shirley Doreen
Hack, William Alfred
Lange, Elizabeth Anne
Machen, Colin Roger
Moule, Rhona
Palmese, Raffaele
Pamese, Raffaele
Prosser, Ian Geoffrey
Radzevicius, Geneveue Lucia
Ransley, Desmond James
Saturday July 26, 2014
Apted, Peter Keveral
Gilson, Cecily Clare
Gourlay, Tony
Hildred, Donald William
Hodgson, Andrew McKenzie
James, Winifred Nell
Jankus, Andrew Christopher
Maddock, Thomas
Overeem, Ann
Parkinson, Gwenneth May
Friday July 25, 2014
Barker, Margaret Mary
Campbell, Norma Wilmott
Curtis, Marjorie Florence
Dann, Alan Frederick
Kerklaan, Petrus
Knox-Little, Mike
Lowe, Marjorie Jean
Mihal, Michael
Pentecost, Greta Lavina
Stone, Garry Lawrence
Thursday July 24, 2014
Anderson, Edgar Stanley
Bennett, David Frederick Capel
Beven, Coral Gwendoline
Chandler, Gertrude
Cowen, Mavis Jean
Donaghy, Patricia Fay
Donnellan, Joyce
Fearnley-Sander, Dawn Patricia
Harrison, Dale John
Holan, Tony John
Hoskinson, Elaine
Kahn, Julieann Maree
McShane, Audrey
O'Reilly, Suzanne Edith
Orr, Vivienne
Roberts, Lyndon Frank
Wilson, Joan Murdoch
Wednesday July 23, 2014
Bannister, Carol
Brown, Craig Denne
Clark, Graham Peter
Coulson, Marilyn Joan
Hall, Lindsay Raymond
Howard, Otis Lindley
Kelly, Brenda Alison
Khan, Julieann Maree
Maddock, Rae Adelaide
Miller, Mary Elizabeth
Rowe, Elizabeth Jane
Triffitt, Brian Leslie
Walker, Clarice Joy
Westcott, Mark Anthony
Young, Doris May
Tuesday July 22, 20134
Appleton, Kenneth
Harbottle, David John
Hobden, Gwenda Alwyn
Hutton, Pierre Norman Bruce
Power, Peter Anthony
Roberts, Alice Thora
Taylor, Dulcie Beatrice
Whitting, Geoffrey Gorham
Monday July 21, 2014
Allen, Richard
Allsobrook, Allan
Bowden, Betty Marie
Fearnley-Sander, Dawn
Jenkins, Beryl Doris
Jones, Belinda Megan
Jones, Graeme Ronald
Lonergan, John
Permyakoff, Alexander
Stanfield, Zena Joan
Walters, Bevan Ward
Wendell-Smith, Pamela Joy
Wilson, Lynette Ann
Saturday July 19, 2014
Chesterman, Judith Karen
Goodwin, Lois Hadden
Lawler, Audrey
Longley, Grace Maude
Palmer, John Sydney
Rich, Philipa Ann
Stanley, Janne Michele
Friday July 18, 2014
Belbin, Dawn
Dwyer, Brian Maxwell
Lang, Alan James
Lindsay, Karen Maureen
Lyall, Nanette Elphinstone
Stammers, Victor Charles
Vitesnik, Josef
Thursday July 17, 2014
Button, Dora
Collet, Geoffrey
Harrison, Barbara Ann
Heather, Nancy Joan
Hill, Glenn Clemeth
Jeffrey, Peter Maxwell
Lucas, Frank Edward
McGregor, Angela Eve
Neilson, Brian
Phelps, Kayeelne
Rompa, Walerian
Rust, Peter James
Stone, Kerry Janine
Wednesday July 16, 2014
Carver, Todd Andrew
Charlton, Sydney David
Corvan, Andrew Hamilton
Coy, Murray
Davis, Patricia Marian
James, Allan Eric
Locher-Sigrist, Paula
Marriner, Helen Elaine
Masters, Carole Evelyn
McCready, Elizabeth Teresa
Meek-Geason, Beverley May
O'Loughlin, David John
Rait, Noel Margot
Rumney, Ian Macpherson
Taylor, Hubert Edgar
Tuesday July 15, 2014
Byrne, Clarence William
Claydon, Hazel Mary
Evans, Hugh Charles
Fielding, Cyril Edward
Gaffney, Dolores
Halton, Shirley Anne
Kregor, Nancy Ruby
Manion, Alan Martin
McNabb, Hayley Rose
O'Halloran, Roy Vernon
O'Toole, Sylvia
Osborne, Marie
Payne, Sandra Joan
Ramage, Dorothy Joan
Rigby, Rex Maxwell
Talbot, Travis John
Underwood. Peter George
Wickham, Christine
Saturday July 12, 2014
Brittaine, Albert Gardner
Brown, Leonard Norman
Crossin _ Gillie, Emily Joan
Green, Darrell Lawrence
Keeley, Marjorie Mavis
Purves, Ida Merle
Riley, Paul John
Rogers, Crystal Anne
Williams, Beryl Edna
Friday July 11, 2014
Crawford, Ella Jean Elvena
Dennison, Elizabeth Mary
Duggan, Kenneth John
O'Brien, Frederick Charles
Rose, Shannon Paul
Underwood, Peter George
Thursday July 10, 2014
Marks, Garry Wayne
Mitchell, Dennis McGraa
Russell, Maurice Donald
Stubbings, Walter
Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Bloomfield, John Anthony
Cleaver, Elaine Claire
Coulson, David Lee
Flux, Lorna Margaret
Howells, Daphne Grace
Lilley, Keith Allen
Littlehales, Elizabeth May
Long, Milton George
Mallinson, Peter Graeme
Mitting, Barbara Ann
Panton, Lorraine Linda
Paul, Ronald Francis
Pratt, Owen Robert
Talbot, Darrell Joseph
Tuesday July 8, 2014
Burr, Julieanne
Dare, Pauline May
Frank, Hans
Fredman, Myer
Johanson, Bruce Ian
Jones, Leonard
Kosmeyer, John
Nolan, Thomas Henry
Norman, Doris
Petterwood, Rex James
Piotrowski, Audrey Ellen
Sharp, Greta Cecilia
Sharpo, Greta Cecilia
Shoobridge, Robert
Skinner, David Clyde
Sweeney, Margaret Aileen
Vincent, Margaret
Monday July 7, 2014
Barber, Kenneth Gordon
Dobson, Diane Terese
Fra, Joyce Lena
Locher, Paula
McKenzie, Malcolm
Moore, Ann
Parsissons, Marjorie Bridget
Rowlands, Sybil Dawn
Spencer, Frank John
Triffitt, Terence Gerald
Saturday July 5, 2014
Badham, Vincent
Burgess, Brenda Grace
Butterworth, Barry George
Cook, Betty Dorothy
Cripps, Alan
Eaves, Betty Margaret
French, Doreen
Garth, Linda May
Hutchins, Karin
Knopf, Fritz Ted
Mayne, Terrence Gilbert
Millin, Raymond John
Nomikos, Antonio
Potter, Trixie Kathleen
Stevenson, Jean Christine
Van Loon, Hugh
Wells, Robert William
Wickham, Christine Elaine
Thursday July 3, 2014
FARROW, Kenneth William "Ken"
MUCKERT, Carol Ellen (Pisasale)
PAGE, Bruce "John"
ROBINSON, Eric James
SCHMIDT, Toni Anne
Wednesday July 2, 2014
Aiken, Ricky John
Baker, Rosemary
Craik, Alexander Donaldson
Hope, Juliette Louise
Schaap, Ina Jose
Terry, Brian Keith
Tuesday July 1, 2014
Barratt-Doran, Sue
Burgess-Maluga, Laura Maleta
Cusick, Muriel Heather
Geason, Theresa Hazel
Mitchell, Peter Roylance
Nicholas, Margaret Bethune
Piles, David Ernest
Rogers, Nancy Alexandra
Russell, Geoffrey Graham
Trigg, Sean Leslie
Walters, Lorraine
Monday June 30, 2014
Bradshaw, Luke Andrew
Butterworth, Raymond Alfred
Castle, Edward Max
Cooper, James
Courtney, Phillip Craig
Crosswell, Margaret Ellen
Dambitis, Irene
Daniels, Alexander Gerard
Hales, Aryanne Stephanie
Howard, Cliff
Hulse, Cecil Richard
Laredo, Gwenda Olive
Little, Neita Jean
Spencer, Graham Hamilton
Spencer, Leslie James
Spilling, Dorothy Barbara

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Older Notices